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ANSA Door Systems Ltd

Welcome to ANSA Door Systems, a company boasting over 20+ years of experience within the Garage Door trade. Located in Stourbridge, England, ANSA is proud to call itself a successful manufacturing company of UK heritage.

ANSA has been at the forefront of supplying innovative, high quality remote control systems to leading UK Roller Garage Door Manufacturers and specialist trade distributors since 2002. ANSA prides itself on innovation, creating unique designs that have ultimately become regarded as ‘Industry Standard’. Continually, we strive to provide the very best technology available, take for example our products featuring ‘KeeLoq’ rolling-code. This technology is implemented into all ANSA keyfobs to ensure complete security against all known code-grabbing and code-scanning operations. 


ANSA also holds UK patent certification on it’s latest product: Roll-Smart.
Roll-Smart is a safety-system technology, designed to eliminate all known garage door safety issues, while maintaining appropriate EU regulations - we designed this product to overcome these existing issues and offer the very best system available - which has gone on to be utilised wide-spread in the garage door market, effectively being used by the very-best garage door manufacturers. Not only does Roll-Smart offer a solid and secure safety for home-owners, it has also maintained incredibly positive feedback from garage door fitters, due to the complete ease-of-setup in relation to other systems on the market.

The team here at ANSA combines over 35 years of specialist industry experience and knowledge. This partnered together with fresh ideas from our younger talented members, creates an environment for our company to succeed and ensure that our customers receive the very best service and highest quality products.

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