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ANSA DK-14 Keypad

ANSA DK-14 Keypad

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    The ANSA DK-14 digital keyboard is a single channel radio control device, built for use with all ANSA roller garage door controllers and remote receivers. The wireless design allows rapid installation indoors or outdoors and has an operating range of 30m. DK-14 comes with an illuminated key-pad; providing easier accessibility in harshly lit environments. The keypad is equipped with microprocessor electronics and the highly-regarded “Keeloq” high security radio transmitter.
    The ANSA digital keyboard can be used to activate any equipment fitted with an ANSA remote control unit. Entering your personal access code (4, 5 or 6 digits) switches on the keypad and operates the control unit, you then press and numerical digit 0-9 to continue operating the control unit in the same manner as a key fob transmitter normally used to operate the equipment.
    The keypad is supplied with factory pre-set master code number “9999” and factor access code number “1234”. For security reasons it is essential that the access code number is changed to another 4, 5 or 6 digit sequence - only accessible by authorised users..
    Access numbers can be any 4, 5 or 6 digit combination of numbers 0-9 excluding # and *.


    • Every keystroke is confirmed by the LED keys flashing.

    • Keypad has an anti-tamper feature
      o If 6-9 incorrect random access codes are entered (Or 36 incorrect
      keystrokes), the unit will automatically switch off for 10 minutes.
      o If the battery is disconnected in an attempt to defeat the anti-tamper
      system; the time out restarts when the battery is reconnected.


    • If an incorrect access code is accidentally entered, press the * key, and re-
      enter the correct code.


    • Flat battery warning;

    • When using the keypad, the LED keys will flash rapidly if the battery is
      low - indicated the battery needs replacing.



    FedEx Next Day delivery service, from date of shipping confirmation.

    1 Year Warranty

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