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RS-1 Roll-Smart Kit

RS-1 Roll-Smart Kit

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KIT HEIGHT:         

Standard: Above 1.9m

Low-Headroom: Below 1.9m

KIT TYPE:         

Standard: 1x Roll-Smart track to suit a single garage door (Up to 3.8m wide)

Low-Headroom: 2x Roll-Smart tracks to suit a double garage door (Beyond 3.8m wide)



The ANSA RS-1 control unit is designed to operate roller garage doors fitted with single phase tubular motor drives. Equipped with “rolling code” high security remote controls, allowing easy memorisation of up to twenty-seven transmitters. The unit has all the features needed for efficient, safe and reliable operation of roller doors, including; built-in courtesy lamp, operating button and multi-function red indicator LED. This product works efficiently with the ANSA Alarm System and other ANSA access controls.

Roll Smart Track

Roll Smart functions through the PCB’s direct relationship to its counterpart; the Roll Smart Track. The track works by initally tracking the time the door takes to close (During set-up), then equally tracks 64 diode points for future reference. The track then checks the curtain successfully hits these diode points – and if not, instructs the door to reverse in the opposite direction. It is highly regarded as the best safety system available, offering zero faults in safety since it’s creation.

Rolling Code

ANSA’s Roll Smart system comes equipped with rolling code technology. Rolling code works by utiilising a secure system for keyfobs. The term ‘rolling’ is transcribed from the unit’s ability to develop new code parameters with each and every keyfob click, essentially generating a new code each time. This technology means that nobody can hack access into your garage door, due to the keyfob code changing with each push. Keyfobs linked directly to the unit’s system will follow this new code, each time.


ANSA’s Roll Smart track comes in two different types:

Standard                                                                 Low Headroom

The standard kit will fit any door with a height that exceeds 1.9m - While the low headroom kit is utilised on doors below 1.9m in height.

ANSA’s Roll Smart track can be purchased in two different types:

Standard                                                                 Low Headroom                                                                         

Standard kits are used for single garage doors, while twin kits are used for double garage doors.



433.92 Super-Het Receiver

Keeloq Rolling Code


    • Remote Control Unit
    • Photo Electric Cell & Reflector with Brackets
    • with built on light
    • 2 x  Key Fobs
    • Power Lead & Plug Set
    • Fixing Kits
    • Installation Guide



    433.92 Super-Het Receiver

    Keeloq Rolling Code



    1002   L  or R - WITH 1 BUTTON FOBS 1022   L or R - WITH 2 BUTTON FOBS 1032   L or R - WITH 3 BUTTON FOBS 1042   L or R - WITH LUX-4  FOBS


    Please call for delivery costings as these may change depending on quantities ordered.

    Office contact number:
    01384 293100

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